Childhood Obesity

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However , one important subject has not been discussed is the role of the junk food manufacturers and their targeting of television advertisements as well as other gimmicks to these children that is creating an unhealthy culture for children A 1996 survey conducted in 13 industrialized nations , including the United States , concluded that the largest amount of advertising was for foods during children ‘s television shows (Dalmeny , 2003 ) It appears that the food advertisers know their target audience

One way to appeal to these children is to capture their attention when an advertiser knows their attention span is high Another way that the food manufacturers attempt to create an unbeatable front against parent objections to the foods children eat is to include some type of gimmick when advertising their unhealthy snacks

The IACFO report lists examples of marketing techniques that contain collectable toys , games and contests , advertising and packaging featuring cartoon characters , food shaped and [colored] to be especially appealing to children , and the use of TV advertising and catchy jingles (Dalmeny 2003 ) This type marketing attacks a child ‘s motivation to partake in more healthy food

The obesity epidemic seems to be assisted by marketing and advertising of unhealthy foods References Dalmeny , K , et al

Broadcasting bad health : Why food marketing to children needs to be controlled ‘ Retrieved December 16 , 2007 , from HYPERLINK “http /www

Paper Topic: Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity It is noted that children are becoming more and more obese throughout the most recent decade

It also seems as though they are trying to create a culture that is dependent on unhealthy foods

If a child is bombarded with images of fun and excitement over unhealthy food , and this bombardment occurs a majority of the time then parents are at a disadvantage

They are eating unhealthy and conducting less exercise , which is a cause for the obesity epidemic

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