chinese culture

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Since family life was discouraged one was not even allowed to eat with his /her family These systems were quite severe because the commune had authority over everyone The commune was organized in forms of production that was divided in to 3 levels The commune Production brigade Production team Each of these administrative levels was accountable to an administrative and accounting committee The commune systems started facing a great deal of challenges from the word go

The main aim of these communes was to support the Great Leap Forward In the communes as the name suggests all facilities were common therefore everyone shared everything , all private kitchens for example were rendered useless

Great leap forward was an economic and social plan that was instituted by Mao with a view of transforming China by utilizing its vast population

Today the Great Leap Forward is viewed as a disaster on the economic and humanitarian front leaving about 14-43 million people dead of famine ( Robert br Weller , 45 Also to accomplish his goal Mao established special communes- nexus of power ‘ through out the country side that sought to utilize collective labor and the mobilization of the civilian population

The plan included the infamous Great Leap Forward

It was upon the commune to decide and determine what was to be done with all the collected items The commune had the authority to assign farming activities and the responsibility was given to cadres who assigned the duties every morning

Weller , 86 Most household items and utensils , including animals , grains food and other private items were collected and put in the commune

Paper Topic: chinese culture Name Course University Tutor Date Cultural nexus of power in China Introduction Mao Zedong launched China ‘s first five years plan in 1957 to increase the speed of the growth of socialism in china

Weller , 47 Institution and practices in the nexus of power Each commune was a collection of smaller farms that consisted between 4 ,000 up to 20 ,000 households

Mao envisioned a situation where China could surpass the steel production of U

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