Christian Theology

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Paper Topic: Christian Theology Christian Theology Introduction In his book Token of Trust , Rowan Williams said , The path of contemplative prayer is a working out of the whole vision of Christian faith , the process that creeds try to codify (Williams , Token of Trust , pp

It must touch the intellect or it will yield no life Discussion Theology has always been the basis of the expression of the Christian life since the inception of the Christian faith

Without proper grasp of sound biblical doctrine , it is impossible to expect a living out of the life that it advocates Christian life is first of all cognitive

People pray because of the belief that there is a supreme being who is the Creator and Sustainer of all things Creation ‘s highest allegiance and worship must be directed to this Supreme Being since it is only appropriate and fitting for such a person who originated and continually sustains all things that he created However , according to Christian theology , this Being called God – the one true God – is holy

Whether they admit it or not or whether they are aware of the system of their persuasion or unaware , they still have a theology by which they can justify their practice or non-practice of certain things

One prays because he believes in God , and that this God answers prayer , and that He can be trusted in everything – even our whole life

No one can properly say that he or she has no theology since every practice has and must have a rationale

The demonstration of the spiritual life of Christianity could only be explained by its grasped of the doctrines that it holds

These catechism or body of doctrines is what one may properly call theology

It is a practice which can only be explained in clear theology

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