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When this option is ON , the image is loaded by rows and is gradually sharpened Dithering – dithering was developed to increase the apparent color resolution of a display without reducing the spatial resolution Quantization level – quantization of color images is necessary if the display on which a specific image is presented works with fewer colors than the original image Memorandum- using word programme Statistical report- using graphical methods in excel progaramme Company annual report-Page settings are designed to adjust page settings and its position on the page

Method of output Hand held computer – Setting images as desktop wall allows the following settings : Position on desktop – specifies the position of the image on the desktop

If the image size br is smaller than the desktop size , several non-overlapping images will be placed on the desktop If you save an image to e-mail it later on , the following settings are available to you : Specify address where you would like to send images or leave this empty – specifies default e-mail address

Selecting Print as You can do the following : select the number of images on a page , create text in the upper and lower parts of the page as well as above /under every image Mind that when using trial version you will be able to print only 5 images

Most fCoder photo tools have the capability to process images in the batch mode Resume- Saving images in GIF format allows the following settings Number of colors – changes the number of colors of an image

So , if you want to print 8 images on 2 pages (4 images on each page , the result will be only 5 images – 4 on the first page and 1 on the second page

The following variants are available Center – positions the image in the center of desktop Tile – positions a full-scale image on your desktop

The number of colors may vary from 2 to 256 colors Interlaced – allows to create interlaced image so that the image would look nicer when loaded (e

Select one of the following variants JPEF (75 quality ) – best for photos GIF (256 color ) – best for web graphics BMP (True color ) – lossless Colour photograph- fCoder

Send images as – sets the output format for the image to be sent

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