Class, Race and Gender

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There are social and economic changes in rural communities following surges in immigration in rural meat processing communities

I don ‘t believe that culture is static and many cultures have changed through migration , but the core of the culture will always remain in family and groups that cling to the hope of a better life for themselves and for their families in America Immigration is changing the face of rural America

So the destruction of peasant economic systems creates a pool of socially and economically displaced people , who provide the source for internal and international migration (Bjerklie , 1995 Another interesting fact is

The composition of rural populations is changing at a very rapid rate due largely to immigration and migration

There are two main misconceptions about migration the first is the wage differences between the two countries involved cause immigration and two , the lack of economic development in their own countries pressure individuals to immigrate

The surge of the Hispanic population has been termed the browning of the Midwest (Massey , 1996 In small communities the social fabric can be transformed almost overnight

Paper Topic: Class, Race and Gender In the book Communities without Bs : Images and Vices from the World of Migration shows in pictures and oral history what many Americans don ‘t see

Populations of Hispanic and foreign-born individuals are rapidly increasing , while that of Caucasian , non-Hispanic and foreign-born individuals are rapidly increasing

With myself being of immigrant decent it helped me to understand just what my grandparents must have gone through when first arriving in America

Due to the destruction of previously stable economic and social systems pressures are enhanced

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