class race and gender

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Charges for food transportation or housing are not paid by farm owners who exploit the willingness of these immigrant laborers to accept low wages and unsafe working conditions The average life expectancy of a migrant or indigenous or farm hand is much lower than the national average in the United States

It is a force influencing international agreements relating to the ILO and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA A considerable number of farm laborers are recruited by farm owners through farm `labor contractors

The average age of this group is 31 years who started in their early 20 ‘s , and went back to their countries to build homes earned with the money earned , forced to return to the USA , to start work on the farms gain – until they are old and unfit enough to continue (Lamb , 2004 There are also children who work on these farms

Paper Topic: class race and gender Name Instructor ‘s name Course Date INDIGENOUS WORKERS IN THE UNITED STATES In the year 2001 the International Labor Organization (ILO ) acknowledged that agriculture ranks as one of the three most dangerous occupations in the world today

Agriculture is indeed an international business in the United States with demands from growers that their produce find international markets

A majority are of Mexican or Hispanic origin – over half of these do not have their families with them A quarter of these are immigrants disallowed from work in the United States

Thus , indigenous agricultural workers in the United States and their condition deserve scrutiny For centuries , agricultural workers in America have come from different countries

They work sometimes around half the year with earnings below 5000 to show for all their effort

There is administrative concern in the USA over these `human trafficking issues The composition of farm laborers makes it all the more difficult to assess conditions among workers

Curiously Government legislation , even in the United States , is not implemented effectively to help prevent injury or illness and there are no laws in place to protect these workers

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