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While an expectation of obedience and skill are natural among all dog owners , the Trooper dog owner takes immense pride in being able to show off their dog ‘s intelligence by barking out s which their dog immediately obey much like trained recruits under their drill sergeant ‘s command There was one guy at the park who kept making his dog go through a drill of “sit , lie down , beg , and play dead ” commands all the while sneaking a glance at who was watching the “performance ” If anyone made a comment on how intelligent the dog was , you could actually see this guy puff his chest out in pride as if he were the one being called a “good boy The Buddy As the name suggests , Buddy dog owners are into dogs for the main purpose of companionship and friendship

Paper Topic: Classification Essay Great Dane The Trooper The trooper dog owner treats his or her dog as a literal “show ” dog Trooper owners take pride in having obedient and talented dogs

While an intelligent dog who knows who to do tricks is a bonus , most buddy type dog owners will be just fine with just about any breed that is friendly and with good temperament like Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers During my stay at the park I was able to observe such an owner with his dog who appeared to be a Lab mix , as they sat in companionable silence as they watched the world go by

From time to time , the buddy master would stroke the head of his canine friend making comments about the passersby

They normally put their dogs through obedience training or teach their dog tricks like how to catch a Frisbee or roll over

The dog in turn seemed to listen with rapt attention sometimes looking in

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