Cognitive Process- MEMORY

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Paper Topic: Cognitive Process- MEMORY Running head : MEMORY : THE MAGIC WAND OF MIND Memory : The Magic Wand of Mind By Institution Professor INTRODUCTION Even as the increasingly high capacity of artificial memory is evoking wonder in all , the capacity of the human memory continues to amaze the scientists , which seems to be always ahead over the artificial memory Thus this essay puts the cognitive process of human memory under lens before concluding on an approbatory note Memory in Brief Memory is a package of distinctive cognitive abilities of the brain to retain any past experience that is stored in it

The second one , short-term memory retains the experience for a longer period than the first one and provides the brain the chance it for more longer period through the repetition of that experience (such as reading , viewing or listening again and again of an input If short-term memory can be called RAM (virtual memory , that gets lost with shutdown of the machine ) of a computer , then long-term memory deserves to be called as the hard disk of it – where the inputs are stored and can be brought up for future use (here the memory is stored even with the shutdown (Harris , 1995

It is because of this flexible quality of memory , even any sensory experience can end up into long-term memory – which also brings in the ‘declarative memory ‘ in the discussion Declarative Memory Declarative memory denotes the ready pack of knowledge which one can recollect at will (Cohen , 1980

Episodic memory is a neurocognitive system , which is uniquely different from other memory systems , like the non-declarative or procedural types of memory

Now if the telephone happens to be placed at the other side of the room , the person keeps repeating the number while covering the distance and time to reach the telephone On the other hand , long-term memory has a huge storage capacity and can hold information for an indefinite period

However , the activity of this package can be classified by three different phases like sensory , short-term and long-term memory

Lucas , the professor of psychology , short-term memory has a limited capacity , and can hold “only seven pieces of information on an average ” at any one time , though that can be converted into longer time by repetition

That kind of knowledge includes memory for events (episodic memory ) and facts (semantic memory (Tulving 1983

However , all three classes of memory undertake a journey through the process like encoding , retention and retrieval , though their life-spans are different

Episodic memories are those which humans freely recall , recognize from a hint (Graf Schacter 1985

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