cognitive psychology

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He or she could have been abnormal then The psychologist can recommend a plea bargaining agreement with the Judge using his psychological findings in to reduce the sentence that has been mandated by the criminal laws of the United States ( Berger 10 In addition , the psychologist can issue his opinion to the courts regarding the reliability of the lone witness ‘ psychological pro For , the witness may not qualify as a lone witness if the psychologist opines that witness ‘ statements were hallucinations , a big lie , or simply made because of the witness had misinterpreted the situation as

Generally , the juveniles commit crimes because of their psychological growth is not normal ( or abnormal , The psychologist can recommend to the judge to transfer the child to child rehabilitation center for psychological rehabilitation (Barsalou 5 Likewise , the psychologist can persuade the judge to lessen the sentence in adult criminal cases

The judge will then include the psychologist ‘s professional opinion increase the defendant ‘s sentence for aggravating reasons (Burke 1 On the other hand , the judge could also decrease the defendant ‘s sentence for mitigating reasons

Paper Topic: cognitive psychology COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY INTRODUCTION Cognitive psychology focuses on how a person interprets a picture or message

Support your claim using cognitive psychology research The judge should not base his sentencing only on the sole eyewitness ‘ statement

The psychologist can opine that the sexual offense was psychologically caused by the defendant ‘s state of mind at the time of the crime

Normally , the psychologist can draw up the behavioral tendencies of the defendant by viewing the other evidences on the crime scene , the statements of various witness , friends , neighbors and relatives and prior psychological findings

judge to ask the Forensic psychologist to give a psychological pro of the defendant

The psychologist then applies the theories of cognitive psychology to determine the behavior , pathology and motivation and submit his findings to the judge

Another mental exercise is the bottom-up perception of drawings and messages Often times , the judge in court cases would ask the professional interpretation of the psychologist to help mitigate or aggravate the current sentence of a criminal offender

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