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Paper Topic: COLD WAR / US-SOVIET RIVALRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST Running Head : COLD WAR : US-SOVIET RIVALRY Cold War : Us-Soviet Rivalry in the Middle East Cold War : Us-Soviet Rivalry in the Middle East During the Cold War in the Middle East , the United States viewed that the Soviet Union wanted to utilize the Arab Israeli conflict to drive the West , penetrate and secure its own domination over the Middle East With this , the United States ignored a variety mutual superpower disengagement proposal from the Soviet Union and excluded the latter from the diplomatic efforts to end the Arab-Israeli conflict Fundamentalist Islamic nationalism problem was a threat on spreading to Soviet Central Asia as it undermines territorial integrity on its states , thus , political stability in the Middle East became critical (Slater , 1991

It is somehow proposed that all Soviet actions and behaviour in the Middle East , from World War II until Gorbachev , be governed by defensive concerns , dynamism of the cold war or geostrategic rivalry between the two superpowers A major threat on Soviet Union territory is the deployment of American aircraft carriers and submarine

564 However , the United States still refused the proposition and as a consequence , the superpowers became deeply committed on opposite sides of the Arab Israeli conflict and as unplanned products of the Cold War In the 1967 Six-Day War , Soviet Union was greatly involved in Egypt and Syria with the intention of deterring war

However , in the late 1960s , Soviet Union later feared the precipitation of confrontations with the United States that the Arab Israeli conflict wars could bring (Slater , 1991

Soviet also proposed to the United States to have agreements regarding neutralization and demilitarization or superpower arms limitation in the Middle East (Slater , 1991

Attacks on significant western interests were then avoided by the Soviets while they , as part of their strategy , sought to probe for soft spots in the Middle East as the conflict is being kept in a state of no war no peace scene

558 Soviet Union had been consistent on seeking political settlement of the Arab and also intended to remain a superpower and preserve their role in the Middle East

Furthermore , the Soviets refused to tolerate Israel ‘s elimination The United States restricts the actions of the Soviet on threatened zones and to solve the problem , the former showed its willingness

The Soviets kept the support to prevent great humiliation and somehow maintain their credibility as an ally , but may further lead to the collapse of Arab allies as well as unilateral domination of the United States on the area

Soviet Union also considered the Baghdad Pact as a threat to its security which could include the establishment of foreign military bases on territories located in or even near the Middle East

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