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Whatever the means of non-verbal communication may be , it will have to be related to the senses of the communicators because , obviously , it is the senses which receive information (Khan 2001 People use different modes , methods , or channels to carry our intentions and transfer our meaning to another person , Two of these are the verbal and non-verbal communications Nonverbal communication is about appearance and other cues

It is people who have meaning and words are simply tools that we use for trying to convey meaning that is idiosyncratic to one person into the idiosyncratic meaning system of the other person The verbal and nonverbal modes of communications are used by every person when he or she is awake and talking

There are lots of devices related to verbal communication but it is not the only means of communication available There is such what we call the non-verbal communication which is independent of a formal language , communication whereby ideas and concepts can be expressed without the use of coherent labels

Because the skin is the body ‘s largest organ , and through the skin we take in a variety of stimuli , people can communicate anger , interest , trust , tenderness , warmth , and a variety of other emotions very potently through touching Verbal communication on the other hand is the communication mode which we rely on most often

Unfortunately , that there are enormous difficulties in sole reliance on this mode of communication because of misunderstandings among people who were relying on words to carry meaning

One ‘s nonverbal communication , or body language , is usually involuntary , and the nonverbal signals are expressed through behavior as well as verbally and also have symbolic meaning

Paper Topic: Communication Author ‘s Name Communication Speech Class 2007 Communication and Public Speaking Techniques in Poetry The existence of one person depends on a lot of needs and one such basic necessity is communication which could be defined in a lot of ways

Body language and vocalization is also associated with non-verbal communication wherein the science of nonverbal communication is called kinesis

To carry meaning from one person to another through words is the verbal mode

Communication appears if there is a consistency among the cues that one is using to share meaning

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