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Paper Topic: Comparative Economic Running head : COMPARATIVE ECONOMICS Comparative Economics [Author] [University] Comparative Economics Any country around the glob is aiming to attain impressive economic growth and for sure we can all agree to that

The main point of the concept of comparative advantage would be , if a country , developing country for instance , specializes itself from the production of goods where it is already efficient and effective in terms of costs as compared to other countries , then , there is a greater chance for a trade to commence between the said country and the developed country (Suranovic , 2007

In this scenario , we could say that foreign investors used the resources /inputs of China in producing their products and at the same time attain efficiency in the production process Generally speaking , goods that are produced in China are labor-intensive ‘ goods for there are a lot of labors resources are used in the production process than with the capital inputs (Luo , 2007 Well , this is quite expected since China has abundant resource of laborers in their market and it is just natural for the Chinese government to use it to their own advantage

For the scope of this we are going to focus more on the international trading as a factor towards the attainment of economic growth Why there are still countries , especially the developing countries that continuously having trade with the United States or other developed countries

China has been known for its cheap labor and due to this reason there are a lot of multinational companies that invested into the said country (Coy , 2004 Compared to the US , China is less developed , but there are a lot of American companies that invested in China despite this

The primary reasons why foreign companies chose to produce their goods in China is to cut production costs and hiring the cheaper laborers of China is one way to attain cost efficiency in production

Well , of course not because even the most unstable country still does trade with other countries may it be developed or developing

After the production process in China , foreign companies would start to export the said products back to their country or to their buyer countries in the international market

Surely , there are a lot of ways to attain economic growth there is the improvement of the labor market , financial , international trading and a lot more which are very vital in assessing the GDP of one country

How do countries attain comparative advantage over the other countries

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