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Paper Topic: compare and contrast – Compare and Contrast Michael Moffatt ‘s informative book , Coming of Age in New Jersey and Belmonte ‘s Broken Fountain reach their readers in different ways , but both bring extremely important points that must ultimately be taken into consideration by a wide breadth of people

Moffatt ultimately wants readers to br understand the truth behind college life and the entire college experience ultimately impacts college students

Both books carry their basic premise though each accomplishes its goal in a very different way One of the most important things that Michael Moffatt does in his book is use a very straight forward tone

With this knowledge of the one-track reader in mind , the author does his best to maintain a reflective , philosophical tone that readers can ultimately identify with Another interest aspect of the two works is structure

The author understands that it is very difficult for readers to keep their focus on both the big picture and the individual situations that make up the entire college experience

While lots of authors rush to make generalizations about different groups of people , Moffatt does not let himself fall into that trap

Though some might not realize the overall importance of the use of tone , it should be clear to readers that the tone of this work is what gives the book its hard edge

Through the use of things like tone , structure purpose , and effect , the two authors further emphasize the different points that they need to get across

In general , the two authors use their fair share of different literary devices to drive home different points

It makes Belmonte ‘s book one that makes the reader want to analyze

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