Comparing and contrasting the film Detour and the book

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In the case of Detour , it is about a story written by Martin Goldsmith that began with a simple desire of the main character to be with his loved one , who along the way got into an inopportune mess and made some disastrous decisions that resulted to a huge misfortune Detour : The book The book began with Alexander Roth who was on his way to California to see his girlfriend in Los Angeles , walking while trying to hitch a ride from cars that pass him by once in while

Paper Topic: Comparing and contrasting the film Detour and the book Detour : A Comparison between its Book and its Movie Classic motion pictures which began with silent films and black and white screens laid the groundwork of the contemporarily imaginative and highly technological movies made nowadays in colored monitors

Then auspiciously , a car stopped by and the driver allowed Roth to hop in the card to hitch a ride , He could not believe his luck then and thought of Haskell as some kind of an angel sent to save him from doom

While they were eating , Roth reminisced how he got into hitching rides , which began with the story of his relationship with Sue Harvey Roth then worked as a pianist of a band for a little club on West 57th Street where he met Sue who was very beautiful and also worked there as a singer

A woman (Goldsmith ) After driving for several miles , Haskell said they need to stop to eat and seemed gracious enough for offering to pay for the meal of Alexander , who was then out of money

There are films allotted with ample budget that would allow directors to shoot more screens effectively whereas some are given meager ones that are still able to pull it through due to superbly creative directors Detour was one of those that are called film noir B-movies Prior to making movies , it is imperative to have a good script to be primarily written which may be adapted by screenfrom novels or short stories written by ingenious authors

When the car owner struck a conversation , Roth felt very lucky when he found out that the car owner who was named Charles J

Why don ‘t you come out , too (Goldsmith ) He could not come with her because he did not have any money left since he was fired by the club owner after punching a customer who tried to make a pass at Sue by patting her fanny

Haskell was also on his way to Los Angeles After a while , Roth noticed wicked scratches on Haskell ‘s right wrist and seemed to find it interesting

They later became involved and he asked her to marry him of which Sue always insisted on postponing

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