Comparison of two novels

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At least that is what Paul Bowles and Cormac McCarthy seem to be saying in the writing of their respective books , The Sheltering Sky ‘ and Blood Meridian ‘ Both authors place their characters in difficult locations , dealing with difficult people and expect them to emerge changed , for better or for worse In The Sheltering Sky , Bowles takes his American trio and places them in the desert lands of the African continent where the wide , dry impossibly desolate terrain takes its toll on their minds and bodies Likewise , in Blood Meridian , McCarthy takes his ragged bunch of marauders , most prominently the Kid , and has them wandering the massive expanse of the untamed west

Readers of The Sheltering Sky ‘ and Blood Meridian ‘ can find meaning in the unconscious

Along with George Tunner , Port and Kit seem to ignore the fact that the original inhabitants of where they are staying in continue to be in a sort of dazed , self-indulged coma (Stewart , 254 The same situation is present in Blood Meridian ‘ The characters are making their way across the Old West , looking for money and adventure

Scholars even interpret the African desert to be the allusion of Port ‘s spirituality

This convention of forced growth is constant throughout both books Set in the aftermath of the Second World War , The Sheltering Sky follows the lives of three Americans in the unforgiving and harsh desert of North Africa

Port , on the other hand , claims that the world no longer has meaning

While he is wandering in the desert , his belief in something greater than him is also going around in circles (Stewart , 244 Port and Kit are opposites but they have the same intention

Paper Topic: Comparison of two novels Journey Is The Common Theme Extreme circumstances bring about substantial changes in people

By traveling , the characters change by going through pressure and extreme circumstances They are also able to identify who they really are and uncover the strength and abilities they didn ‘t know they have

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