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Paper Topic: conceptual model The Precede-Proceed Model The Precede-Proceed model is a model of behavior change that is commonly used in health promotions projects (Green and Krueter , 1999 The model was developed by Lawrence Green Marshall Kreuter and is now widely accepted as the ‘gold standard ‘ for designing , implementing and evaluating micro and macro level preventive interventions , the goal of which is to systematically reduce the occurrence of conditions that compromise well-being (Myers , 2003 For decades , practitioners in various professions have struggled to organize their planning , delivery and evaluation of health or educational programs

This stage is divided into 5 phases Phase 1 – Social Diagnosis Phase 2 – Epidemiological Diagnosis Phase 3 – Behavioral Environmental Diagnosis Phase 4 – Education Organizational Diagnosis Phase 5 – Administrative Policy Diagnosis The first phase focuses on the assessment of social problems which affect the quality of life in a community

It is divided into 4 phases Phase 6 – Implementation Phase 7 – Process Evaluation Phase 8 – Impact Evaluation Phase 9 – Outcome Evaluation Among the important concepts within the model are two principles on which the whole planning process is grounded

The main purpose of the Precede-Proceed model is to focus primary attention to results rather than inputs (Green and Krueter , 1991 PRECEDE is an acronym for Predisposing , Reinforcing , Enabling , Causes in , Educational Diagnosis and Evaluation

The Precede-Proceed model that is known today started only as a single Precede model

The Precede is a model for the process of systematic development and evaluation of health education programs

Green ‘s experience with Marshall Krueter in various positions with the Kaiser Family Foundation and the federal government It was added to the framework in acknowledgment of the growing need for health promotion interventions that go beyond traditional educational approaches to changing detrimental behaviors

Finally , phase 5 identifies the administrative and organizational concerns which must be addressed prior to program implementation are examined (Green and Krueter , 1991 The Proceed is the second stage of the model

It considered a multidimensional model that is founded in the behavioral /social sciences , epidemiology , administration and education (Green and Krueter 1991

The Precede model was developed around 1968 to 1974 while Proceed was only added in the late 1980 ‘s

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