Consumer Behavior

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pdf 1 match (publications Journal of Services Marketing , Volume 9 , Issue 2 (2006-09-19 Running head : CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Author Date 11th December 2007 University of :A profound overview on the consumer behaviour by a company so as to maintain and attract more customers (1 ) Background E-bay is faced with more divergent consumer protection issues

E-bay has also highlighted moral problems and consumer privacy infringement which has led to rapid change of consumer behavior and attitude towards credibility of both online auction companies and online transactions (google

The company which is currently working hard to consolidate its market share after the emergence of cognitive marketing process which have emanated from emergence of third party problems in the C2C industry

Consumer behaviour reflects on consumer buying behaviour (James , 2005

However , online auction sites are nowadays a home of fraudulent deals making online transactions a threat to consumers (e-bay

Yahoo , Amazon , Lycos have entered the industry and pose stiff competition to E-bay market share and consumer culture (Gu , 2007

E-bay has the most diverse and profound consumer base within the US online auction industry (Google , 2007

The problem is resulting into profound market share problems which E-bay has to move fast to resolve

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