Crime Analysis

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There are different crime types that provide data for crime analysis These data are based on the three categories of crime-violent crimes crime to properties and public crime

For an analyst , such time frame factor narrows down his procedures because he only needs to come up with a good process of capturing the incidence based on the observed time of the day

An entrapment procedure can be done between an extended hours of the night which most likely will catch the incidence based on the observed 8 to 10 in the evening data Meanwhile , the day of the week is also a significant factor for crime pattern analysis

Moreover , the incidence report can also be compared to other areas if the incidence is high The time of a day provides additional information about the nature of the crime pattern

Modus Operandi-involves the review of actual incidence based on the reports of the witnesses and their narratives Geographic Location-evaluated by using patterns involved in mapping previous crime scenarios Exceptional Volume-Involves intended or accidental analysis of branding threshold for identification 3

The most common formats are tabulated data , reported crime data and observed crime data 2

The three most basic descriptive statistics which can be used are frequency distributions , graphical representation of data and measures related to illustrative summaries With frequency distribution , the analyst will be able to figure out right away the extent of the crime by merely realizing how many incidences have occurred

Of course , banks are only open Mondays thru Fridays which limits the scope of the analysis to only five days 5

Using a graphical illustration on the other hand , gives the analyst a visual summary which effectively provides a very simple understanding about the incidence rate of the crimes

This can give the analyst a definite schedule when to expect another incidence based solely on taking down what particular day of the week criminal acts occur most often

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