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It is to the ‘ credit that in neither case has the character ‘s personal history become the sole factor that determines the manner in which she completes the tasks expected of her during the course of an investigation Women are not limited to the role of detective in either of these crime dramas

Paper Topic: Crime Shows Comparing and Contrasting Gender Roles in CSI : Miami and Law SVU Once upon a time , women were relegated to supporting roles in crime dramas

Today ‘s depiction of women in crime dramas owes a great deal to the then-risky programming behind Cagney and Lacey , in which neither the never-married Cagney or the wife-and-mother Lacey needed protecting The lead female characters on both of these dramas are strong and intelligent women who are capable of reasoned decision-making

These women could also be oddities , Julie from The Mod Squad had been homeless and the daughter of a prostitute , while the women of Charlie ‘s Angels were forced to leave their respective police departments in to work in their field of choice , being otherwise being thrust into desk jobs and writing out traffic tickets As time went on , strong women in leading roles began to make an appearance in the traditional ‘ law enforcement role

If a woman was involved in solving crimes , she was usually the wife of the commissioner , the widow of a slain relative of the main character , or an elderly woman who solved crimes between knitting projects – just for fun

The roles in which the characters are cast result in far different portrayals by the women who act in the roles

In both cases the characters ‘ independence and ability to take care of herself was attributed to the alcoholic parent ‘s inability to care for her during her childhood

Interestingly both Benson and DuQuesne share one thing in common : each detective has an alcoholic parent , with whom these characters have interacted to varying degrees over the respective series ‘ runs

Calleigh DuQuesne of CSI : Miami appears to be cool and untouchable , drawn by the logical and technical aspects of her work rather than by the need to find emotional justification within it While Benson apparently worked her way through the ranks of the NYPD to earn her position , DuQuesne was offered her position based on her reputation as a ballistics expert (Associated Content , 2007

In both CSI : Miami and SVU the coroner who works the majority of the cases depicted by the show is a woman

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