Data Validation: “Editor Extraordinaire”

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Thanks to spell check , we have become accustomed to simply typing through a Data Validation 3 then allowing spell check to make corrections for us (Wikipedia , 2006 And finally , thanks to the grammar check function of data validation even those with the lowest of IQ scores will appear to be grammatical geniuses Thanks to the miracle of data validation , people don ‘t even have to think of whether or not i before e except after c ‘ is an applicable rule in their writings

Paper Topic: Data Validation: “Editor Extraordinaire” Data Validation 1 Running Head : Data Validation Data Validation Editor Extraordinaire Name School Essay assignment discussing the function and importance of Data Validation Professor ‘s Name February 2007 Data Validation 2 Before the evolution of technology , assignments such as this wouldn ‘t have a chance at perfection

Incorporating data validation into data processing applications has made accuracy a near impossible area to spoil Although standard , the data validation feature most of us use so liberally is absolutely invaluable

More familiar to computer users is the spell check function of data validation

Becoming dependant on the corrections data validation functions make can prove carelessness on the user ‘s part

Although programmed to check for errors , DV ‘ functions such as spell check does just that : it checks for spelling

Particulars such as range , presence and spell checks , batch all essential areas in data entry that can be easily overlooked by the average , non-genius person (VonDieter , 2005

If not for data validation , correcting misspellings , grammatical errors and punctuation mishaps would be the burden of the writer and his trusty red pen

This very important tool in today ‘s technology assists all persons involved in all types of business , education and even personal projects References Definition of Data Validation (2006

All in all , data validation has provided convenience to many a business person , student , writer and professor

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