democracy in the arab world

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Rather , several political trends and issues present in Islamic societies are also present in other societies in the world in which democratization is lacking According to Dahl (1972 , there are eight institutional guarantees in looking at democratization in any society (1 ) the citizens of the society should be free to form organizations or join existing ones (2 they should also be able to freely express their ideas and opinions even in contentious issues (3 ) the citizens should be able to choose their leaders in elections (4 ) there should also be free competition in the sphere of politics and economics (5 ) information should also come , not only from government but also from other sources such as media (6 elections should be free , fair , and without manipulation (7 institutions should be strong and do play an active part in the political , economic , and social realms of the society and (8 ) citizens should be able to freely run for office Given these guarantees , the democratization experiences of Iraq and of the United Arab Emirates are explored in this

Paper Topic: democracy in the arab world Democratization Experience of Iraq and the United Arab Emirates Introduction Countries in the Arab world have been said to be slow in democratizing their societies

On the other hand , United Arab Emirates is one of the fasting growing economies in the Middle East This is also interesting in the sense that economic liberalization tends to strengthen the democratization process Democratization in Iraq Iraq used to be led by Saddam Hussein under a dictatorship

The United States has intervened in this process and the country has recently implemented free elections

For one , the war continues to rage in the country and the outcome of the democratization process is

As such , it is interesting to see how the process of democratization is progressing in Iraq

It even sponsored the first ever free elections in Iraq , even giving suffrage to women

Following up on its War on Terror , the United States justified its occupation of Iraq with allegations of the presence of weapons of mass destruction

However , when was found , the US justified the war by saying that it sought to bring democracy to Iraq After the war in Iraq , the US initiated the painful transition from a dictatorship to a democratic system

In addition to this , the country has been labeled as a cradle of terrorists and is a torn in the democratic process in the Middle East

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