Descartess Meditations

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Because sensory experiences only deal with mental images , sense perception provides no certainty that there is anything in the external world that corresponds to the images [humans] have in [their] mind (1 The first example he uses to prove this point is the concept of wax Descartes goes through the process of how wax can go from a solid mass to a liquid mass

Paper Topic: Descartess Meditations Reny Descartes was a French philosopher , scientist , and mathematician whose claim to fame is to be called the father of modern philosophy While he wrote several other treatises covering various s , his greatest achievement came in 1641 with the publication of Meditations It is considered to be the starting point for modern Western philosophy Descartes began his career in philosophy by attempting to put forth the basic principles set forth by Galileo

In other words , our eyes , hands , ears , and nose can touch see , feel , smell , and hear all sorts of things it is our brain that will process all those various aspects and help us understand just what it is we are seeing , touching , hearing , or smelling (Egan , 3 There are also three other minor arguments or examples that Descartes uses to make his point on the issue of sense and perception

According to Descartes , our senses will be able to understand what solid wax is

However , those same senses cannot fully help us understand that the solid wax and the melted wax are the same Only our intellect can help one organize and make sense of what one perceives

The first concerns dreams , which simply states that people can have perceptions that are similar to the ones they have while dreaming

Furthermore there are no definite signs to distinguish the dream from reality Therefore , it is quite possible that a person could be dreaming at any given moment , thus making all his or her perceptions false The second concerns God

Therefore Descartes had two main goals to accomplish with Meditations : to provide a sound basis for scientific method [and] to show how science and religion could be compatible (1 Meditations contains five main arguments

Descartes writes that most people believe there is all-knowing , all-powerful God who created humanity

The first argument focuses on Descartes ‘ theory of universal doubt

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