Describe and explain te different stages of American policy toward China during the Cold War

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Paper Topic: Describe and explain te different stages of American policy toward China during the Cold War American Policy toward China during the Cold War Introduction Since Henry Kissinger ‘s journey to China in July 1971 until the cold war was finished in the late 1980s , the American policy toward China was in essence shaped by the difficulties posed by the Soviet Union and the strategic interrelations with Beijing

security and , therefore , at minimum , tried to establish stable relations Main Body The Nixon /Ford Administrations : From Strength to Weakness Within a period of the first years of the Nixon administration , the United States ‘ policy towards China was characterized by the combination of an evident reduction of the Soviet problems and the appearance of U

S-Chinese resumption of friendly relations to secure Chinese relations vis-a-vis the Soviet Union and at the same time enabled Washington to admit a comparatively moderate price for Chinese cooperation (Gaddis 50 In mid- 1973 , however , U

Policy strategy in any country , but specifically in a country that is both an extremely powerful and democratic , is seldom the result of the striving of objective ‘ strategic interests , as determined by the international system (Qingshan , 69

Chinese relations and adopted a more adaptable policy in respect of bilateral conflicts , including the Taiwan issue

After Washington began relations with China , at no time was it able to disregard Chinese interests

These strategic conditions caused Washington to pay a higher price for Chinese relations

Third , there emerged the trend in Sino-Soviet relations of persistent that made tension and ongoing Chinese perception of a dangerous Soviet threat more intense

policy making underwent change over the nearly twenty years of relations with China

strategic conditions began to worsen fast Watergate made weak both Nixon ‘s and Ford ‘s executive power Simultaneously , the United States ‘ post-Vietnam War-weariness decreased the public ‘s eagerness for international policy and high defense budgets

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