Development of a comprehensive marketing plan

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The health and wellness industry is a billion dollar industry having a simple product that appeals to all – a healthy lifestyle Executive Summary The high revenue earning potential of this industry has offset many enterprises to launch healthcare and wellness service centers across the globe

Paper Topic: Development of a comprehensive marketing plan Title Gyms and Spas A Marketing Strategy Language Abstract Health is Wellness , Relieve Stress and Feel Better Today ‘ is an adage that most people are adopting today to find relief from the stress and strains of a hard day in the workplace

The term wellness indicates the willingness to manage stress , a good health score , and a positive attitude to life Moreover the gym provides a platform for social interactions that bring up the motivational levels for daily exercising

Small local gyms to luxurious health resorts have paved their success stories by enticing millions of clients with their personalized health and wellness programs

The fact that people are well informed about the ills of an unhealthy lifestyle and the repercussions that it may have on the body is one of the major factors contributing to the mushrooming of fitness and wellness services across the world

Exercising can not only help maintain weight , avoid health problems that infect millions in the world today , relieve stress but also infuse a feel good and look good attitude

The growing number of people opting for memberships to health clubs and local gyms are an indicator of changing lifestyle and health awareness

The facility offers – Spa and massage services Personalized fitness programs with personal trainers Exercising in groups for higher motivational levels Diet and nutrition plans Gym equipment for cardio

The industry now offers a their looks and physique The Company Background Health to Wealth Associates is one such facility located in the heart of the Kansas City provides health solutions and fitness regimes for all age groups

The gyms and spas that were considered a luxury lifestyle yesterday have become a part of the lifestyle today

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