Deviant Behavior

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Also , it explains the reality that deviance is essential in adaptation for the reason that people working with social control don ‘t desire to absolutely end deviance since it gives them employment Also , in this theory it tells that society is based on people sharing communal conscience which make the basis for their actions , however , in stage of modification or transformation or social stress , the shared conscience may be destabilized , and in this situation or condition people may begin to find for their selfish advantage rather than sticking to the social values in their society

In this theory it states that if people are not prescribed by common or shared values , they will find after their selfish gain without thinking others just like criminal activities happen when a person ‘s connection to the society is destabilized or damaged Stephen Ambrose committed plagiarism by getting several passages of The Wild Blue his recent best seller about World war II B 24 bomber crews from Thomas Childers , a historian

Paper Topic: Deviant Behavior According to the Functionalism Theory , deviance , is something required by the society and test limits and reaffirms social norms , provides career or profession for religious leaders , medicines , social workers engineers , etc

com ‘s started researching , he found out that Ambrose copied sentences from Jay Monaghan ‘s Custer biography in his book Crazy Horse and Custer ‘ in 1975 , and upon further researching he also found out that Ambrose also lifted sentences on Citizen Soldiers of 1997 and Nixon : Ruin and Recovery of 1991

Ambrose insisted that he is not a thief but the

Childers and Barns immediately forgive Ambrose after the incidence (Slate , 2002

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Ambrose apologized at once for his error blaming wrong attribution and promised to have the texts quoted in the next editions of his books


But , when Mark Lewis of Forbes

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