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The worsening situation regarding terrorism has the government taking up drastic steps for the nation ‘s security and considering it an emergency by which every nation must be prepared to face The Office of the Press Secretary of the United States (2007 ) announced about additional grant guidance and application kits for three grant programs (Port Security Grant Program (PSGP , Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP , and Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG which Homeland Security Secretary , the additional influx of federal dollars will be for the enhancement of security measures

Moreover , grant funding will further improve the government ‘s emergency management capabilities According to the American National Red Cross (2001 , there are many things which could happen after a terrorist attack which calls for emergency action

Paper Topic: DHS FE-4 Running Head : TERRORISM Terrorism : An Emergency Student University Professor Subject Terrorism : An Emergency The September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center will forever be in the minds of every American

The impact of such act also tells us that it is something the government and the nation must pay attention to and be prepared for For many years now , terrorism is still an existent problem which gobbled up a substantial amount from the government resources

Congress passed in 1996 , and which requires the local and state governments to have access to equipment and training needed to fight against acts of terrorism

The United States government will prioritize funding for training and public awareness campaigns , reducing the risks of improvised explosive devices and radiological , biological and chemical weapons , and securing transit systems

Additionally , the money will enable the emergency managers to have more tools to build on national preparedness goals Allotment of these funds shows us how serious the prevention of terrorism is

A large amount of money is funded for the program in to train law enforcement and emergency response agencies in dealing with terrorist attacks Taylor (2000 ) added that the production of WMD might increase the number of casualties from terrorist attacks as the

Next , the prolonged existence of public fear international implications and consequences and extensive media coverage

The author cited the Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Act , which the U

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