Disaster and Emergency Management

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The knowledge and skills that I will gain will be used to aid Canadian soldiers , NATO allies and UN personnel who are affected by natural disasters and acts of terrorism The 911 incidence awakened my passion to be safeguarding Canada and protecting the lives of my countrymen

In compliance with the child abuse and protection law , I prevent the practice of child trafficking and child pornography In August 2006 , I completed my BS Criminology degree with Honours and I was placed on the Dean ‘s Honour Roll List as well as the Sessional AcademicAchievement list at York University

To safeguard the health of our people , I have to be on guard against the introduction of human , animal and plant diseases as well as the flow of narcotics and other illegal and prohibited substances

Paper Topic: Disaster and Emergency Management Canadian laws and regulations

My passion for public safety and security will be enhanced when I obtain a Masters degree as I will learn to design and implement effective policies related to emergency response and preventative techniques for the Canadian soldiers in to increase the protection at our bs and airports

With my academic achievement , knowledge and skills , I am confident that I would make an excellent addition to the graduate program in Disaster and Emergency Management at York University

In a fight against terrorism , I assist in combating money laundering activities , prohibit the entry of firearms and detain people who pose as threat to my country

Upon completion of the program , I will be prepared to occupy the senior management level position and write new policies , procedures and regulations as well as updating existing ones


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