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In more traditional non military institutions , even if men are more likely to be favored than women , at least they are likely to be better territory given that they are not generally being degraded for entering the workforce as presented in military institutions How would this impact their ability to do their jobs effectivily Women in traditional non military institutions are more comfortable and free to do their work as opposed to women in military institutions as they still have a fighting chance to give a good impression by delivering a good job

Both formal ad informal opportunities such as simply airing out concerns with possible sexual harassment is normally taken very seriously by institutions even when the compliant has been aired to simple superiors only unlike in military institutions that value the chain of command which makes it much harder for the complainants to their concerns specially if the offender is a high ranking officials How do these opportunities impact employment decisions , promotions and corporate power These opportunities impact employment decisions and promotions to corporate power a lot given that in non military institutions , women are much more valued than degraded as opposed to military institutions as indicated in the article where in women are typically put in a no win situation ‘ due to their gender

Unlike in military institutions that has been used to the dominance of male power and has been belittling the presence of women in the workforce more traditional institutions have a need for the presence of women in their workforce hence they give importance to the protection of their rights and presence in the enterprise

The tailhook convention gave attendees informal opportunities outside the usual world realm What informal networking opportunities exist in more traditional non-military settings In more traditional non-military settings , there is no cultural problem with regards to protection of women against sexual harassment

Due to this sexual harassment in the workplace is less likely to happen given that other institutions value the presence of women much more than military institutions

Unlike in military institutions , in more other traditional institutions , despite the male dominance , personal care of female employees against abuses such as sexual harassment is prioritized by top management

In military institutions on the other hand , the show of weak character will make you too soft and the opposite will make you look like a lesbian 2

In predominantly female occupations , such as teaching and nursing , the expectations of those roles are characterized by traditionally feminine stereotypes of someone who is supportive , caring , gentle , helpful , and nurturing

How does the sex-role spillover theory apply to more traditional business settings According to the article of Lori Dawson and Michelle Chunis The sex-role spillover theory explains that gender-based stereotypes and expectations dominate the workplace , especially in cases where there is a large gender skew (Gutek and Morasch , 1982

In contrast predominantly male occupations

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