Domestic workers in America

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Other domestic workers organizations in America include the domestic workers homecare centre , the united domestic workers of America , the united domestic workers of San Diego , the united domestic workers of California and the national alliance of domestic workers How the domestic worker groups are trying to assist the domestic workers have better experiences in America These domestic worker groups break the isolation of the domestic workers who work in the domestic work industry in the United

In most instances the domestic workers in America substitute the nursing role of caring for the elderly people in different households as well as taking care of those who have disabilities (Anderson and Bowman 1993 The different domestic worker organizations in the United States of America The domestic workers union 2000 The domestic workers union was founded in New York by some elderly caregivers , housekeepers and some nannies from the Caribbean , Latin and the African countries

This organization also aimed at helping in the building of a movement which would end the exploitation and also the oppression of the domestic workers in America The domestic workers union further supports the domestic workers who have suffered some violations and also abuse as well as violation of their rights in their work places They also conduct some referrals , they make a provision for a direct support with the domestic workers employees and they at times organize some public support to the organizations members

Some of these organizations produce a contract which is standard for all the employers and the domestic workers including the employment agencies for the domestic workers (Chow 1994 The domestic workers organizations in America offer some nanny training programs , the computer literacy programs and also some leadership training programs

Paper Topic: Domestic workers in America Introduction In the United States of America a domestic worker is also known as a servant and most often they work and live within the household of their employers

The other domestic workers organizations in America assist in the protection of the rights and the dignity of the American domestic workers

In America a butler is seen as the most senior domestic worker and he performs duties such as managing the other household servants as well as handling the wines In America the female domestic workers are known as the maids

This organizations has a mission of empowering respecting , and also subjecting the domestic workers to fair labor standards in America especially in the New York City

Their household chores range from ironing , cleaning , cooking , washing Purchasing the household drinks and foods , caring for the children going together with the household head for the grocery shopping as well as taking the family dogs for walks if there are any

In the households which are large there are very many domestic workers who do different kinds of jobs

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