Dynamic Stretching

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Paper Topic: Dynamic Stretching Running Head : DYNAMIC STRETCHING Understanding the Importance of Dynamic Stretching Understanding the Importance of Dynamic Stretching Have you ever swayed your arms in a circle just prior to beginning a weights training

Although there is a current discussion as to its efficacy for avoiding trauma , stretching following training when muscular tissues increase in temperature is a good method to enhance flexibility A muscle can only contract as powerfully as its counterpart can rest the quadriceps muscle for instance will tighten more promptly if the hamstrings loosen up effortlessly

Stretching adds to the warmth of the tissues , cardiovascular supply , nutrient transportation to tissue and synovial fluid contained by the joint capsule Each trained players will initiate and finish a work out with stretching movements

Flexibility allows easy and polished moves Dynamic stretching entails a movement in a section of the body and progressively intensifying reach and pace of movement

Extending the leg muscles and lower back muscles on a regular basis , provide a rest in the tissues decreasing the tension behind (NSCA , 2000 Several specialists at the present consider flexibility training has an imperative responsibility in preserving fit joints

Dynamic stretching is composed of limited upper and lower extremity swing that would allow an individual

Stretching on a regular basis is important for sustaining sense of balance and decreasing the danger of extended period , chronic damage (Witvrouw , E , Danneels , L , Asselman , br D ‘Have , T , Cambier , D , 2003 Individuals who are into physical sport such as soccer will gain immensely from having a great degree of flexibility and with this research will provide an understanding on the importance and various techniques in doing dynamic stretching

Having good flexibility would not only help athletes as it will also be an advantage for normal people because it maintains of the range of motion to avoid or alleviate joint tenderness which comes as one gets older

Flexibility exercise has been revealed to decrease strain and resistance in muscular tissues (Witvrouw , E , Danneels , L , Asselman , , D ‘Have , T , Cambier , D 2003

Turning from the two opposite directions is dynamic stretching for the torso (Witvrouw , E , Danneels , L , Asselman br , D ‘Have , T , Cambier , D , 2003 Flexibility exercise is undoubtedly the most underestimated element of fitness

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