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The customer should be aware that these schemes are applicable in the company ‘s e-business Business Model : The specifics of the business model need to be stated such as whether the company is a trading firm , a brokerage company , a manufacturing company or a charitable institution

To attain the result ht e objective should be realistic clearly showing the schedule of time to achieve the same Besides the big business even a small business plan with minimum scope and small goals will also be benefited with the inclusion of objectives With the addition of objectives it carries weight and will show that the business is feasible

The mission statement may be variable with the change in business target Objectives of the Project : The nature of business and the scope will lead to the objectives of the project

Paper Topic: E-Business – EBph4DB p E-BUSINESS 2007 The concept of regular business and e-business planning differs in its concept and some of the variables

In e-business plans , the detailed data from the respective industry may not be necessary The Mission : The target of the business and how it is going to be accomplished by e-business project

The aim is to project the business objectivity in a proper and systematic way Business Concept : The details of the business activity and how the company will achieve the target goal is given to understand

Objectives have many advantages-first these add important detail into the plan and secondly they are strategic just as a business plan The objective will tell how the problem to be tackled and how the solution can be achieved

The business plan will look going in the right direction Value Prospect : Present market is very competitive and unless the business plan is offering something extra , people may not like to purchase , in other terms it should be as best offer sale

The basic general features are to be followed for proper functioning of e-business Characteristics of Business : The purpose of the business , the products being handled , the mission of the company and the services to be provided be clearly mentioned

The business needs justification from the industry point of view as to the fulfilling the company ‘s mission by doing e-business

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