Eastern Philosophy

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Buddhism is called Buddha Dharma and Dhamma as well , which is defined as the Teachings of the Awakened One ‘ in Pali and Sanskrit which are ancient Buddhist texts This was the reaction of the Buddha during his spiritual quest “experimented with extreme asceticism , which at that time was seen as a powerful spiritual practice

Is Buddhism to be considered a religion or a philosophy Hindus strongly believe that in an uncreated , eternal , infinite transcendent , and all-embracing principle , which “comprising in itself being and non-being ” is the sole reality , the ultimate cause and foundation , source , and goal of all existence

he found , however , that these ascetic practices brought no genuine spiritual benefits and in fact , being based on self-hatred , that they were counterproductive After renouncing the principles of asceticism and

Compared to other religions , other Buddhists allege that Buddhism is not a religion per se , which is a contradiction of their faith to their chosen religion

Paper Topic: Eastern Philosophy Eastern Philosophy Compare and contrast the Hindu doctrine of Atman-Brahman with the Buddhist notion of non-atman

com /hindu Buddhism is considered as a religion for Buddhists yet a philosophy for some

Brahman is in every matter in this world and is the Self (atman ) of all living beings

Other sects say that it is a mere philosophy that are bounded by the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama , the one who founded Buddhism

Which in a way , was considered an opposition to doctrines and teachings of Brahmanism

It is suffice to say that Buddhism has similarities with Brahmanism yet at odds with one another (www

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