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Hypothesis The null hypothesis (ho ) for this study is that the factors age education , years with company , years as CEO with company , firm sales firm profits , and firm market value have no effect (s ) on the salary of CEOs and thus do not qualify as factors that affect executive salary The alternative hypothesis (ha ) for this study is that the factors mentioned above affect the salary variable and thus , qualify as factors that affect executive salary III

Paper Topic: econometrics Running head : Executive Compensation Factors Affecting Executive Compensation MACROBUTTON NoMacro [Insert Names of Author (s ) here] MACROBUTTON NoMacro [Insert Institution information here] Abstract The researcher had investigated some of the factors that were supposed to have effects on the salary computation of company executive officers The factors considered were age , length of stay in the company (both employee and CEO , firm sales , firm profits , and market value

The parameters that are used in the assessment may include salary , age , education , length of stay in the company , length of experience as a CEO with the company , firm sales , firm profit , and firm market value The purpose of this study is to determine what factors affect CEO compensation

It was proven that age , years with company years as CEO with company , market value were factors that affect CEO compensation Econometrics Question Question : What factors affect chief executive officer salaries

Depending upon how large the company is , there maybe a personnel or a compensation committee that will focus on the salaries of the employees as well as the most highly compensated executive positions Although it is fairly easy to determine the salaries of each employee just by looking at their productivity report , chief executive officers usually require further assessment of their personal information , their achievements , and their company performance

Rose and Shepard (1997 ) considered firm diversification as one important determinant of CEO compensation Factors Affecting Executive Compensation I

Introduction Executive compensation basically means the salary or payment of chief executive officers (CEOs ) of business corporations

It is expected that the aforementioned factors that will affect the salary variable II

As the values for the different factors were increased , a corresponding increase in salary was observed

Also , when the values were decreased , there was a corresponding decrease in executive compensation

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