Effective Teams

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A team may be created , as in the simulation , to design an entirely new product in an effort to create a new market niche or a team can be created to redesign an existing product , evaluate the production levels and methods of a new or existing product , or even just to find ways to save money in the manufacturing process

When the team is all made of equals , no one is attempting to win points with the boss and ignoring the project to try instead to kiss up to the boss There is , however , a potential problem with all team members being of equal rank within the company if no one will then step forward and lead the team

First , the manager will become the team leader as the employees will perceive that the manager has control over their future with the company and will not seek out leadership above the manager , even temporarily

It can also mean taking care to build individual and team confidence to encourage them to take the necessary chances to accomplish a revolutionary goal The reasons for creating a team can be as varied as the companies which make them

In addition , a team of equals may mean that no one takes responsibility for the team action and team members flounder or waste valuable company time

This will either lead to more team conflict or , more likely , team stagnation as only the manager ‘s ideas will be presented as team conclusions

Second , unless the manager ahs a clearly defined role on the team , the manager will be seen as being there as a company spy to assure that the team is doing its job and not wasting time

Paper Topic: Effective Teams As shown in the simulation exercise , creating an effective team is not just about picking the right person for the job , but also about overcoming obstacles and providing the team with the resources necessary to do the job well

Fourth , team members may try to impress the manager by being too company line

A group of equals may be hesitant to name one person the leader and give them all the credit or blame for the team ‘s accomplishments

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