Employee Relations – Trade Unions

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Paper Topic: Employee Relations – Trade Unions Name of the Author Master Level Employee Relations December 17 , 2007 Employee Relations – Trade Unions In the early days of capitalism employers , in their struggle for maximum profits , were able to act with almost complete ruthlessness in their treatment of workers

Unable to suppress them the government finally , in 1824 , made them legal Employers have come to learn that trade unions can be useful to them Now only a few employers and eccentric capitalists are anti-union

Most unions in Britain today are prepared to accept such a deal The question arises to what extent modern trade unions can still be regarded as democratic organizations , in the sense of being run by and for the workers

Employers accepted no responsibility for payment of wages during sickness , and workers sacked or disabled had to rely on their own resources Trade unions were formed to resist these pressures

Most employers , especially the bigger ones , including the nationalized industries and the government , accept trade unions as social partners ‘ whose joint task it is to see that industry runs smoothly and with a minimum of industrial trouble

As the immediate consequence of successful union action was to reduce the employers ‘ profits , their reaction was predictable and they did everything they could to crush the unions

Factory discipline was like that of a military force , and workers who `mutinied ‘ could be sacked and , by arrangement with other employers , blacklisted , so that they could not get work elsewhere

They could take advantage of every rise of unemployment or inflow of immigrant workers to reduce wages to a bare minimum , using the lock-out if necessary to starve workers into submission

In return for recognition (sole bargaining rights , compulsory union membership and sometimes the deduction of dues from wages and representation on various joint committees ) trade unions are expected to keep their members in and , if necessary , discipline them : for example , if they interrupt production by going on unofficial strike

Employers have had to come to terms with trade unions and strikes

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