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In a similar development in Croft v Consignia plc the EAT held that a worker who was undertaking male-to-female gender change treatment had not been constructively send away or discriminated against on the basis of sex because the company would not let her use the female toilets , requiring her to use toilets that were gender neutral

As concerns employment and vocational training , section 2A of the SDA defends individuals who are discriminated against because they planning to undergo gender reassignment or change are presently undergoing gender reassignment or have already undergone gender reassignment In UK the legal sex of a pre-operative transsexual was determined through the case of Goodwin v United Kingdom ECHR [2002] IRLR 665

In this case female employees had refused croft the use of female toilets as they had known him to be a male (Upex R Harey S , 2006 It was settled that on that basis , Ms Croft ‘s treatment relating to the use of toilet facilities was not considered to be less favorable treatment , but it connoted similar treatment to her work mates who were also barred from using toilets set aside for the opposite sex

It directed that a post-operative male to female transsexual was entitled to be considered as female , unless there were important factors of public interest to weigh against the interests of the individual applicant in obtaining legal recognition of her gender re-assignment So in this particular case Terry should go forward and have sex change His employer should know that he has a right under the UK law to undergo such gender reassignment without being discriminated as European Court of

Nevertheless in this case the owner had not treated her less favorably than her comparators because due to the fact that in relation to her legal sex Regulations and Directive , she had not been treated differently from her comparators Consider a situation where Ms A , a male to female post-operative transsexual , sued Chief Constable of the West Yorkshire Police upon being turned down for a post as a police constable because it was considered that she would not be competent of carrying out intimate searches of women The ruling of the Court of Appeal settled down the rationale squarely in the field of employment law

The provisions of this Act have been extended in the Sex Discrimination (Gender Reassignment Regulations 1999 and made it unlawful to discriminate on grounds of gender reassignment , save only in the areas of employment and vocational br training

1 TERRY Point of determination here is that under the Sex Discrimination Act (SDA , it is illegal to discriminate a person under sex grounds in employment , education and the provision of housing , goods , facilities and services (Upex R Harey S , 2006

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The EAT acknowledged that the acceptable comparators in issues of discrimination against transsexuals were workforce of either sex who had not undergone sex assignment

The biological sex at birth was recognized as the sex of a transsexual

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