Empowerment and Goal Setting 1

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Regardless of how busy one might be , it is essential to take time and listen to an employee ‘s problems and concerns Acknowledging an employees success is also a sure way of empowerment Simple raises or parties to acknowledge or celebrate the fact that an employee has done a job well done is often a great way of empowering and keeping one motivated It may also be beneficial to regularly check with our employees and request feedback on how they feel about their jobs to keep them empowered

After all , success is the key when we think of empowering employees There are many ways of which to go about empowering our employees Because it is such an important task , we must be sure to carefully handle this matter with our utmost devotion and concern Firstly , one way to empower employees is to clearly and responsibly delegate responsibilities by letting our employees know that specific jobs within the company are exclusively theirs

It is of my concern that we bring this vital issue to the surface and make it known that empowering employees is a necessary task that not only ensures the stability of the company but the satisfaction of the employee as well p Employees should be confident in their ability to sufficiently do their jobs

Paper Topic: Empowerment and Goal Setting 1 Empowering Employees It has become increasingly and strongly evident that employees in this division currently have little or no involvement in the decision making process of the company It is sadly a seldom heard of fact that employee involvement in decision making can strongly effect any organization

Then , we show our trust in them by stepping aside and allowing them to take over The motivation of employees is only one advantage of delegating responsibilities of employees Yet another advantage of such is that it ensures that all business tasks will most likely be handled more efficiently

Thus more work is left piling up Another idea for empowering employees is to adopt an open door policy which essentially entails that in for employees to feel empowered , they must feel comfortable speaking to their boss

Whereas , when responsibilities aren ‘t clearly assigned employees have the right to claim or assume that they thought it was someone else ‘s job to handle a specific task or assignment

You should also work with employees until they are significantly confident in their own ability to perform certain functions for the business

Questions we must ask ourselves are do our employees have the necessary resources and confidence needed to perform their jobs

Empowered employees will not have this problem , but will make your business stronger and more efficient

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