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Paper Topic: english Social Contract by Jean Jacques Rousseau 2007 Thesis Statement The Social Contract ‘ is full of life since it is written from the first person point of view wherein the author is also the protagonist (Rousseau , n

d Point of View The Social Contract ‘ is full of life because it is told from first person point of view (Rousseau , n

The social contract finds men leaving the state of nature in to attain the twin goals security and liberty in the civil state (Rousseau , n

By entering the civil states man gives up his natural liberty in exchange for civil and moral liberty (Rousseau , n

The author lived a life of monetary inadequacy during the Age of Enlightenment , which most likely motivated him to articulate such ideas and concepts on liberty and security Character The main character in Jean Jacques Rousseau ‘s Social Contract is himself (Rousseau , n

d Theme The theme evolves mainly on liberty and security that man should enjoy in a civil state (Rousseau , n

d Setting No specific setting has been stated in the Social Contract however , through the occurrences during the time that it was written , it is very clear that it is the Age of Enlightenment and thus it contributed and covered the French Revolution period as well (Rousseau n

Although , it gives a sense that the reader is locked within the mind of the author (Rousseau , n

d This is evident when he states that , There is no such thing as the best form of government although he prefers an elective aristocracy (Rousseau , n

The Social Contract

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