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Mar 20, 2009

Life changing patterns By Navirah Zafar Jilani


Life changing patterns

By Navirah Zafar Jilani

With the rapid advancement of media and technology, the packaging of needs have forced small molecules in the human brain to think otherwise


As people become more and more stressed out from the pace of modern life and as we become increasingly concerned about the planet’s resources, the movement to living in a state of ‘mindfulness’ has increasing interest as a chosen life-style


Times have changed people have changed


An individual’s lifestyle is dictated by the choices one makes, if that person disregards the existence of the divine spirituality, he/she is nothing but a fool in paradise


Sarah Rizwan reminiscences a similar situation and narrates her encounter with the maid mania


But with the mingling of technology simpler things in life have changed


Playing, studying, and spending some quality time with family was the highest level of entertainment one got at that time


Now we cannot manage time with television taking up most of our time


Needs are those things that are necessary for our survival – food, clothing, and shelter


In general, it is basically dissatisfaction among people as there are more desires and fewer opportunities that changes life from simpler to complex