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Paper Topic: Essay Question 2 Explain how some Progressive mayors and governors became even more politically entrenched than the machine politicians that they replaced in office The fate of politician is usually based on their inherent interest in political matters , their relentless sense of service and devotion to community development

A number of politicians do understand each of the outlined factors : the importance of this is that most politicians stand by certain ideologies that determine their decisions

It is usual that you understand the game of politics : Usually many see is as an avenue for leadership

If the only limit is the term of service , they find ways to remain in office to foster their hearty desires

They are deeply concerned with the challenges they have to tackle : in fact they are surprised at the avalanche of matters to attend to while serving The need to tackle these challenges irrespective of the odds they face drives their entrenchment in politics

This goes a long way to determine the dexterity of service and their progression up the political ladder

Such fall into the category of progressive leaders Progressive politicians and mayors are typical of learning the intricacies of politics with an attitude of welcome for lessons

On the other hand , the machine politicians leave office as soon as they fulfil their `selfish ‘ interests PAGE PAGE 1

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They devote a great deal of resources and manpower into accomplishment of their set goals aimed at alleviating the challenges of the masses

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