Ethical Analysis

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The kind of decision-making that we do is most of the time influenced by the pressures that we have in our everyday life Formulate Ethical Decision Rules To come up with sound ethical decision , it will help a lot to formulate ethical decision rules for yourselves

Paper Topic: Ethical Analysis Analysis of How Ethical Decision-Making and Real-life Pressures Interact As young people , especially young college students , it is important to recognize that ethical decision-making and real-life pressures interact Sometimes , our decision-making process is affected by the pressures around us

It would be impossible for people to live and work together if they do not know what is expected of them and how others will act under certain conditions The interesting issue today is if we do really have access to such knowledge , that is , moral rules that can guide us right in the fast changing society of today

Insights in the formulation of decision rules can assist the well-intentioned to do the right thing in difficult circumstances (Prentice , 2007 Moral rules help us to predict the behavior of others , guide our actions , and tell us what we have to expect from our own and other groups , organisations and social institutions

Furthermore it is very difficult to find the right rules because of the nature of moral knowledge which

Society can not function without moral rules

Or , if we do not have these adaptive rules do we at least know how to acquire that knowledge

We can not find any more the right answers in old ways , habits and traditions Organisations , groups and societies abandon the hierarchical structure and try to be more decentralized and flexible in to adapt to the new conditions

These good intentions should be enough in for a lot of individuals to act according to the right ethics

Those changes accompanied by an intense public and media interest about every action or inaction forces people and organisations to seek desperately ethical guiding

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