ethical dilemma

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Thus , by avoiding the addition of MSG , I would be behaving in an ethical manner , as I would have exhibited greater concern for the health of the consumer Nevertheless , I could refrain from adding the MSG and promote the food as being prepared from solely fresh ingredients

Due to close collaboration between the club members , the venture depicted remarkable progress During the course of preparing the food , I was constrained to decide whether to add MSG to the food

In addition , if consumers came to know about having consumed MSG at a later date , they might develop a dislike for the food , which could even lead to their abstention from such food

Since , I was the chairperson of the Korean language club I ventured to prepare cheyookbogeum or Korean food for this party I endeavored to do so only after consulting with the other members of the club and eliciting their opinion

All the same , this food could be promoted as health food and then there might be a chance of making greater profits All said and done , this issue was not of sufficient significance to affect the community

Paper Topic: ethical dilemma Personal Ethical Dilemma An international food party was conducted , during my sojourn in Japan as an exchange student

This would bring about a natural increase in profits , which would enable me to donate more money and provide incentives to the members who were making preparations for the party Unfortunately , MSG does not promote good health and its prolonged use consumption could prove deleterious

The primary issue that I had to take into consideration was that addition of MSG to the food would improve its flavor and this would result in a larger number of people buying it

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