Ethical Issues in Your Practice

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Should the mother be allowed to risk her own life to attempt to save the life of a child that is probably not viable outside the womb Should the doctor plan a cesarean section despite the fact that the infant will probably die as soon as it is removed from the mother ‘s br womb

Should the mother ‘s desire to save her child be allowed to override her own survival instincts And , what role , if any , should the child ‘s father have in decision-making process My literature survey for this situation was amazingly frustrating

It is , in essence , the quintessential ethical debate : do you save the life of the mother or the life of the child

What is the doctor ‘s responsibility to try to stop the mother ‘s contractions What are the limits of the attempts that should be made to save the child

And , there was nothing that talked about the discussion of the life of the mother versus the life of the child

I think specifically the ethical question of whether medical decisions should be made contrary to the patient ‘s wishes should also be considered

Should he be able to determine the best medical course of action if it is contrary to the mother ‘s wishes

I can ‘t imagine making this decision personally , but many mothers are forced to make it every day

The physician appears to have determined that the child is a lost cause and is thinking only of the health of the mother , but this is contrary to her wishes

Paper Topic: Ethical Issues in Your Practice The ethical concerns that I have related to this dilemma are many

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