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It differs from the theory of psychological egoism , as it does not state that all people act egoistically , but it emphasises the necessity of taking into account your own interests when doing anything There are tree types of ethical egoism distinguished : individual personal and universal Individual ethical egoism is the type of egoism which presupposes an individual expecting all the people to act in accordance to his interests Personal ethical egoist would claim that he can and will do only whatever is in his interests , but he would not claim what anyone else has a right to do And finally , a universal ethical egoist proves that all people ought to act in ways which correspond to their self interests When criticising psychological egoism the fact that it can neither be proved nor disapproved is often stated

Paper Topic: Ethics Ethics : Compare and contrast Ethical Egoism and Psychological Egoism This essay is written in to identify and describe the theories of psychological egoism and ethical egoism

They can be viewed here as the feelings of pleasure or self admiration , or any other feelings of that kind , a person gets after completing an action Such an explanation of the theory is very close to the view of Thomas Hobbes who claims that a thing is good , if it is the object of any man ‘s appetite or desire ‘ He insisted that the term must be used in relation to a person – nothing is simply good in itself , independently of any person who may desire it (Encyclopzhdia Britannica , 2007

And , of course some personal conclusions will be made at the end The theory which tells us about psychological egoism describes it as a desire of a person to act in accordance to his /her own interests only It states that no matter what we do , and no matter how altruistic our actions can seem , we still act out of our self interest , finding some benefits for ourselves from everything we do

And the desire of any kind , as the theory states , always comes out of human ‘s egoistic nature , so can never be regarded as altruism Ethical egoism is the type of normal ethical position , which makes individuals act in accordance to their own interests

To say it in the other words those who claim that altruism is only demonstrated by people with the purpose to get a good feeling ‘ from what they do , can not really prove that the good feeling ‘ is experienced by the person every time he /she does something altruistic

So , the decision to do something always appears from the desire to do that

The aim is also to reveal the fallacy of psychological egoism

Understanding the difference between these two theories will let us understand them better

The benefits can not always be vividly seen , as they do not always consist of some materialistic objects

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