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Paper Topic: Ethics CODE OF ETHICS System of Inquiry for Code of Ethics Name of Client Course Professor POLICY STATEMENT It is the policy of the company to ensure that all employees carry the name and integrity of the company by observing the company ‘s Code of Ethics in the conduct of day to day business transactions while at work It is therefore mandatory for all employees to read and understand the Code of Ethics

By affixing their signatures to the company ‘s Code of Ethics , it is understood that employees have fully understood and comprehended this set of rules and they commit to observe and comply thereto GUIDELINES This System of Inquiry will serve as a guide in evaluating circumstances towards making any resolution or decision consistent with the company ‘s Code of Ethics

Should it be the line department ‘s manager or the human resource manager who should initiate this inquiry Is the problem of primary concern to the line department or to the company in general

What issues are brought about by the current situation Having identified the set of facts of the situation , what are the issues that could be readily raised

What is the current situation The set of facts relevant to the situation at hand should be identified

Are these issues consistent with the company ‘s Code of Ethics

Identify each issue and relate it with the company ‘s Code of Ethics

Before any decision or resolution is to be made , it is mandatory that one has thoroughly read the company ‘s Code of Ethics

The following guidelines shall serve as the basis of inquiry for anybody tasked to evaluation a given situation and make appropriate recommendations for its resolution 1

Where the evaluator feels that he could not maintain objectivity in assessing the situation due to some relations and the like , he should prefer to inhibit himself from this inquiry

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