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Paper Topic: ethnic report ANTI-SEMITISM AND ISLAMOPHOBIA According to Eboler (2007 ) `Anti-Semitism ‘ is a certain perception of Jews , which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non Jewish individuals and /or their property , toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities ‘ Anti-Semitism frequently charges Jews with conspiring to harm humanity , and it is often used to blame Jews for why things go wrong ‘ It is expressed in speech , writing , visual forms and action , and employs sinister stereotypes and negative character traits

Anti-Semitism would not include discrimination against non-Muslims According to Lewis (1999 , while the Muslims had stereotype regarding Jews these stereotypes were not indicative of anti-Semitism because unlike Christians Muslims viewed Jews as objects of ridicule According to Schweitzer and Perry (2002 ) there is an anti-Semitic infrastructure extant in Islam

The attitudes which prevailed in early 20th century European history and gave rise to islamaphobia are similar in nature to the climate of fear Muslim communities increasingly contend in the modern world Similarities between Islamaphobia and Anti-Semitism According to Geinam (2006 ) the growing distrust of Muslims as the other ‘ and the conclusion that anti-Muslim hostility is itself found normal , the publication of the `Jyllands-Posten ‘ cartoons in by the media can no longer be dismissed as mere experiments in libertarian freedom of speech and censorship

For example , they say that Jews were subjected to polemics , persecutions and massacres far less under Muslim than Christian rule Origin According to Guarinoni (1619 ) anti-Semitism can be traced back to the 16th century when the myth of Anderl Von Rinn , a Christian allegedly killed by Jews , spread throughout Europe The anti-Semitic undertones in European literature built on the hostility shown to Jews during the Crusades a few centuries earlier According to Carmicheal (1992 ) the actual term of “anti-Semitism ” came about in 1879 when German writer Wilhelm Marr sought a scientific term to explain and legitimize the hatred Jews were now facing

During earliest days the use of cartoons by Jews and Christians had been rejected on the grounds they would be deemed offensive

They argue that there are negative of Jews in the Qur ‘an and Hadith and that Islamic regimes regulated Jews in degrading ways

While islamaphobia is a form of Xenophobia : phobic fear hatred of what is `foreign ‘ or the `other as a threat to one ‘s way of life

It is Phobia for person , family community , society , way of life , country , and civilization of some Islamic threat

Just as anti-Semitism endured into the modern age , anti-Islamic or (Islamophobic ) attitudes also survived into contemporary times

According to Tahir (2007 ) anti-Semitism as the animosity specifically applied to Jews only

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