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Paper Topic: Ethnocultural Report Running Head : Ethno Cultural Name University Course Tutor Date The Ethnic Groups name The Jewish people falls into three major population groups the first is the observant group , who represent about 20 per cent of the Jewish population , the second group who represent about 10 percent of the Jewish population are known as a radial secular public , commonly known as the post-Zionists , and lastly , the rest is the vast majority of the Jewish population who strictly observe the religious custom and who also at the same time continues to favor a Zionist Jewish state (Silberstein Robert ,1994 In North America , the core and supporting ensemble of the Jewish culture are ambiguously sketched in terms of their ethnicity , because they are marked in terms of unmarked whiteness and therefore , and they are described as stereotyping and self deprecating people who do not life American lifestyle

In addition to this achievements in a child is motivated by the child ‘s feelings of guilt over that of his or her mother ‘s pain and suffering that is caused by his failure to make up according to her expectations (Eilberg Wendy 1995 Social position of elders , children and elders In Jewish community intergenerational interaction is very intensive frequent and is also mutually supportive , and is not normally motivated by the overt needs of the old or the disabled people in the society for both the old and the disabled are respected in family social interactions and standing (Schacter , 1992 Family , growth and development , Courtship and Marriages In the Jewish community , 40 days before a male child is conceived , a voice from heaven announces whose daughter he will marry therefore one does not struggle looking for a wife

This stand is taken by every Jews because it is fundamental for them to grow as Jews different from other ethnicities and at the same time survive in the fast changing cultural society (Schacter , 1992 Discipline and child bearing To the Jews , giving birth is highly valued it is even compared as examples of patterns which produces highly successful achievement-oriented children

However , they have rejected the American cultural norms that have been imposed on them these norms range from behavioral , to American clothing , eating habits , manners , secular education to even ideological , that to say , they should think like `westerners ‘ and avoid being conservative (Silberstein Robert , 1994

In terms of discipline , mothers instill discipline naturally to the children , they are devoted and are normally nurturing in addition , they are fairly sophisticated and autonomous individuals with considerable authority at home

In erusim the husband to be , gives the wife a marriage contract that is signed and displayed in the couple ‘s home , however it does not take effect until the actual marriage ceremony

Their marriage process occurs in two stages erusim (betrothal ) and nisuin (marriage ceremony

What they value The Jewish people , first and foremost value their identity , in terms of ethnicity and their culture


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