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The List Pim Fortuyn also formed a coalition government in 2002 and in Scandinavia the Danish People ‘s Party , the rightwing party has had various small successes (Jesuit and Mahler , 2004 pp26-27 The success of the right-wing political parties can be attributed to several factors

The parties ‘ ideology is such that they present themselves as the guardians and protectors of liberal ideas that are traditional (Akkerman , 2005 Pp 337-354 Radical right wing populist gained its first significant successes with the appearance of the French National Front and British national party in the 1980s

The support of the Republicans in the European parliament decreased with a swing that favored the far right National Democratic Party of Germany

When the popularity of the Swiss Democrats and the Swiss Freedom Party grew in the 1990s they were absorbed by the Swiss People ‘s Party

The Swiss Party had an assertive campaign which was mainly right-wing and populist

The Austrian Freedom Party , another right wing party in Western Europe had great success in 1999 and formed a coalition government

Among these are immigration , economic distress (usually levels of unemployment are used social welfare state polices weakening of established part systems and the proportionality of the electoral system The support for Right wing political parties has been argued to arise from the fact that there is an increase in the multi-culturalization of the societies of west-European

In response to this , most voters have opted to support right-wing parties

Paper Topic: Euros right Name University Course Tutor Date The radical right refers to parties with two basic characteristics

Right-wing parties are also populist in nature due to the fact that their political strategy involves attacking the government of the day and generally aims at tapping into the frustrations , insecurities and fears the regular citizen may have (Art , 2007 Pp 332

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