ex) economic approach of divorce

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Paper Topic: ex) economic approach of divorce Running head : ECONOMIC APPROACH TO DIVORCE Economic Approach to Divorce [Author ‘s Name] [Tutor ‘s Name] [Class] Abstract Economic approaches to social processes are rather new

In this we will try to apply economic modeling to the social processes of divorce Economic Approach to Divorce Introduction Economic approaches to social processes are always new and always useful due to the existing empirical gap in this research area

Divorce in our case is the final stage of the long economic process which we usually call divorce , and to which we frequently refer as being social In our economic approach towards divorce , the outcomes of divorce depend on what choices spouses made in their specialization

Economic approach to divorce is a useful tool of recognizing the existence of sound economic processes and issues within the choices the spouses make towards the maximization of their material benefits

However , it is not surprising moreover it is logical that economic notions and implications govern when it comes to social process of divorce Partners in a marriage can often earn a potential gain when they each specialize in a particular kind of activities

431 Speaking about the economic side of divorce , it is essential to understand the profound implications of economic specialization between the two spouses before they face the divorce threat

While many of us refuse to think of the far-reaching consequences of our choices in marriage , these choices actually determine our future profits in case we have to go through the process of divorce

During the daily life of the marriage couple the husband is known for being involved into economically more profitable activity and the wife plays a significant role in distributing economic roles

Thus , in to make the economic model of divorce complete , we have to start the discussion not with divorce itself , but with the daily life of the two spouses

It is essential to understand , that by undertaking the responsibilities for housework , the wife not only brings certain economic profit to the house , to the children , and to family and household in general , but also significantly contributes into the opportunity for the husband to have more free time and to devote it to market activities

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