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It would tell the viewer the following information starting balance , running balance for a certain month , selected member ‘s deliquency status whether it failed or not to meet the required contribution , monthly collection status whether it failed or not to meet the target or expected collection , or the monthly outflow , explaination of each transactions and the usual monthly present and previous balance In the second worksheet , one can input the member ‘s monthly contribution

Another member suggested to have 2 columns one for members ‘ name and the other is for members ‘ regular monetary contribution regarding the reunion

This would help to monitor all the transactions by the party and thus would help to minimize unnecessary expenses and maximize profitable one The fourth worksheet is the worksheet for other computations

This would help to determine who is not contributing on the regular basis In the third worksheet , one can input a transaction ‘s result and the reason

Paper Topic: Excel Sheet One member suggested that workbook must contain the (i

Monthly collection should also be viewable and flexible There is no wrong or right proposal since every proposal is promising even if one is incomplete

starting and running balance

Excel ‘s VLOOKUP function should be integrated with data validation option

First worksheet is about the summary of the whole workbook

They should be bold and conspicious

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